GEOSITIES - Western Cuba

During the stay in Cuba of Baron Alejandro de Humboldt, in the first years of the 19th century, precisely when the limestones of Güines were first described, the Loma Candela cave was also visited, which is located at the bottom of a torca (vertical wall dolina) in the central area of ​​said elevation.

Trail of the Insurgents

This geosite, which can be considered part of the Pan de Azúcar Valley area, is within the boundaries of Viñales National Park, province of Pinar del Río. It is not a punctual place but a trail or path, used by the peasants of the area to climb the mogotes of the Sierra Collapse, Sierra del Medio and Sierra Chichones (which close the Pan de Azúcar valley in the south and southeast) in labors agricultural, gatherers and hunting. The path passes through a place where karst forms of gigantic dimensions abound, such as large lapies of different types and leads to a mountain hole (dolina) of clear tectonic influence at whose bottom China Cave opens, a funnel that leads along a narrow and polished gallery to Cueva Chiquita, one of the caverns of the system that has its main entrance at the level of the Pan de Azúcar valley.