New Digital Bathymetric Model of Cuba

Geocuba Marine Studies Company of the Geocuba Group

The Geocuba Estudios Marinos company of the Geocuba Group completes a new digital bathymetric model (MDB) of Cuba and its surroundings. This data set represents the surface of the seabed. For its preparation it was necessary to compile all the data on the existing marine relief in the country, which were 1,416,617 bathymetric points from -0.1 m to -6,960.28 m and 2,553 isobaths ranging from -5 m to -6000 m. These data were processed and edited iteratively to correct the errors detected. The interpolation was supervised with two sets of control points interpolated or not, whose mean square error was calculated for areas with high and low density of points. The obtained MDB consists of 15,000 columns by 6,250 rows for a total of 93,750,000 pixels and has a resolution of 0.0008 degrees (approximately 90 m).

This MDB allows to carry out multiple investigations for which it is required to know the relief of the seabed of both Cuba and its surroundings. It represents the depths in meters from the coastline, the entire insular platform, the insular slope and the entire bathyal and abyssal zone. The executing company plans to periodically update this data set, incorporating the new bathymetric works that are carried out. Likewise, digital bathymetric models continue to be made at higher resolution of the main platforms in Cuba: Colorados, Golfo de Batabanó and Canarreos, Jardines de la Reina and Sabana-Camagüey (Jardines del Rey). The project was financed with the State Budget assigned to the geology sector and the model can be obtained both in the technical file of the Institute of Geology and Paleontology-Geological Service of Cuba (IGP) and of the Geocuba Estudios Marinos company.