Geological Service of Cuba: an institution at the forefront in the socialization


One of the most clear scientific institutions among its purposes is the socialization of knowledge in the Greater Antilles is the Geological Service of Cuba. This was demonstrated by their participation in the framework of the 23rd International Book Fair 2014, at its headquarters in Havana, where they participated with various activities in order to fulfill that objective.
According to the communication specialist Madelín Gálvez, from the Institute of Geology and Paleontology (IGP, Geological Service of Cuba), the Fair was divided into three fundamental stages:
“On the 17th we celebrate in La Cabaña a tribute to a great researcher of Paleontology, Dr. Gustavo Furrazola; For this we were with his family and with young people from universities interested in knowing the importance of this eminent researcher of Earth sciences.

"On the 20th we were at the Cuban Association of the United Nations, with five important scientific presentations, including" Assessment of the potential of mineral resources in the province of Mayabeque ", a text made by two researchers of the Institute, Dr. Donis Coutín and Master Rolando Batista, who exchanged with the public present about the importance of the investigation.

"The Department of Mineralogy of the IGP launched three fundamental books: in addition to the aforementioned, the texts" Guide of megascopic recognition of minerals "and" Guide of recognition of rocks ", for work in the field" were presented.

Likewise, Gálvez wanted to highlight the creation of a multimedia, with the title of “Classification of Cuban rocks”, also produced by specialists from this department.

"Finally, we were presenting a very entertaining book for society, entitled" Stories and oil chilindrinas. " This book collects interesting and funny anecdotes that have happened to workers in the geological - mining sector, and which were compiled by Professor Evelio Linares Cala, ”added the communicator.
However, perhaps the brightest moment for the socialization of the knowledge of the Geological Service of Cuba was the exhibition of the workshop "Discovering the world of Geosciences", which was divided into two fundamental spaces: one aimed at children, and the other For teenagers and young people. In both cases, interest caught people of all ages.