The National Center for Geological Information (CNDIG) has in its documentary collections a wide specialized collection of materials dating from 1876 to 2018 and that allow you to consult the background and development to date, of the geocientist activity contained in books and magazines Cubans and foreigners dealing with Cuba. The funds have:

• Original documents of personalities of the Geosciences that are part of the Cuban geological heritage.
• Old Cuban maps from 1883 and current maps of various types, on different scales and from different countries.
• Books, magazines and specialized newsletters, Cuban and foreign, in printed and digital formats.
• Specialized magazines from more than 22 countries.
• PhD thesis of Dutch geologists in the 1930s to 1940s on the provinces of Camaguey, Oriente and Villa Clara.
• Thesis of specialty, masters and doctorate of Cuban geologists and geophysicists from 1959.
• It gathers (in the technical file) the final reports of the research projects of different geological themes developed by the IGP researchers, geological surveys at different scales, field books, in addition to other reports prepared by specialists from the former socialist countries in joint with Cuban specialists.
• It has 5 databases containing the existing documentary funds in the CNDIG.